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Embroidery design software CHROMA inspire

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CHROMA Inspire is a comprehensive embroidery design software that allows you to create and edit embroidery patterns and lettering.

Reliable embroidery design software

Chroma is amodern embroidery software designed to allow both beginners and experienced users to create even the most complex patterns quickly and easily. For beginners, Chroma can be a useful tool for automatic digitizing, allowing making projects without the necessity of learning the program step by step. Advanced users can speed up the digitization process with built-in styles, customization of tools and practical hotkeys.

Cloud-based embroidery design software

Chroma is a cloud-based software with free upgrades and a friendly interface. Chroma embroidery software is available in three versions - CHROMA Inspire, CHROMA Plus and CHROMA Luxe, for both Mac OS and Windows. CHROMA inspire redefines the standards of digitizing software. CHROMA inspire allows you to auto-digitize, edit designs and create lettering. With CHROMA embroidery design software you can also also convert elements of your design to different stitch types, change their size and shape or rearrange color pallets.

Main features of CHROMA Inspire - basic version of embroidery design software:
- import/export of embroidery files
- artwork/bitmap import
- slow redraw function
- color optimization, entry-exit
- adding text, editing letters
- 43 pre-digitized fonts
- auto digitizing
- pull compensation

You can purchase a Sequin or Chenille embroidery module for CHROMA Inspire embroidery design program. AlsoCHROMA Inspire also allows you to easily upgrade to a higher version of the software.

DEMO version of CHROMA software for MAC you can download HERE, and for Windows HERE

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