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The simulation results are only trade information and do not constitute an offer in accordance with the provisions of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code.
APR (annual percentage rate of interest) is 0.0%

How to buy on instalments

  • Select a product and apply
    If you want to purchase on instalments, when you add all selected products to your shopping cart as a payment method, select Santander - eRaty. Instalments calculator will be launched and it will guide you through the buying process.
  • Calculate the amount of instalments
    After running the instalments calculator you will be able to choose the option of first payment. The first payment will be made on a basis agreed with Strima to bank account of Strima Sp. z o.o. (ask seller for details). You will get acquainted with terms of the loan. If you accept monthly instalment, fill out the online application form online and send it to Santander Consumer Finanse S.A company.
  • Wait for the contact from consultant
    Confirmation of order you will receive via e-mail. From now on, expect a contact from consultant of Santander Consumer Finanse S.A company. After receiving confirmation of order from Strima, consultant will call you and ask you to provide additional information - prepare ID card. Consultant will give you a credit decision and information about documents needed to obtain credit.
  • Sign loan contract
    Within 24 hours (on days off from work next business day) Santander will send to you via courier, two copies of the loan contract and the information form. On delivery courier you will ask you to show ID. Sign loan contract with full name in the designated areas.
  • Доставка товара
    Upon receipt of the signed loan contract and positive verification of the documents, Strima will be advised to rezlize your order.
    Strima representative will contact you to confirm delivery of your purchased goods.

If you have any doubts how to buy on instalments, please contact us: +48 61 8950 950


If you need leasing information regarding a greater quantity of products in one set, add them to cart and checkout. Do not send the order - find a "Check leasing" button and print the calculation.


  • • Decision to grant in 24 hours.
  • • The minimum value of leasing is 8.000 PLN net.
  • • Minimum formalities – only valid ID card and company data, without certification from Social Insurance Company and Inland Revenue.
  • • The total cost of leasing: 3 years – 9.29%, 4 years – 12.27%.
  • • All lease payments (including repurchase paid in instalments) included in the costs. The right to full deduction of VAT from lease instalments.
  • • Without the need to conclude an insurance contract – the sum of payments includes compulsory leasing insurance.
  • • Instalments constant throughout the whole lease period. At the end of the lease, only VAT payable.
  • • Leasing calculation was prepared on the base of basic Strima Sp. z o.o. prices.
  • • Net values - legal VAT value must be added.
  • • Strima's warranty and service.
  • • This calculation was prepared with no analysis of your financial condition and is not a trading offer as civil law defines it. A firm offer shall be proposed after the analysis of your financial possibilities.
  • • Leasing available in the territory of Poland and in the PLN currency.


Хотите обсудить с коллегами покупку нового оборудования? Хотите представить руководителю потребности вашего отдела? Оформляете кредит или лизинг в банке, лизинговой фирме и Вам необходимо коммерческое предложение на товары, в которые хотите инвестировать?

Коммерческое предложение на интересующие Вас товары можете приготовить самостоятельно. Для этого не нужна регистрация.

Предложение можно приготовить для единичного товара или для группы товаров. Просто добавьте его в корзину (Вы не обязаны покупать). Под корзиной появится "Приготовить коммерческое предложение". Вы можете зарегистрироваться - коммерческое предложение заполнится Вашими данными или данными фирмы, либо вписать Ваши данные в формуляр и нажать "Распечатать корзину" Далее можно распечатать или сохранить документ.

Используя „Leasing” и „Instalments 0%” можете рассчитать взносы.