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Texi BOX 15
Set of thread 15 colors, household machine needles and leaflet

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A must for every sewing enthusiast

Decorative, practical thread box, made of thick cardboard with removable compartments. In the middle of the universal threads, through which we can sew everything you need, from a shirt, blouse, trousers to thin jackets and jackets. Also recommended for patchwork.
We also add universal needles for household machines to every box.

Set contains:
- a thick cardboard box
- 15 x Ariadna threads, TALIA 120/500 m, 100% polyester,
- 1 x needle card TEXI UNIVERSAL 130/705 H 2x70 2x80 1x90
Universal needles with a slightly rounded tip, allowing for the seamless sewing of many types of materials.
5 pcs in a blister: 2 x 70, 2 x 80, 1 x 90
- 1 x Texi needle guide