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Programmable sewing machine with liftable rotary sewing head and independent drives

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Марка: Texi


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Описание товара

Texi Free 360 LF is a pattern sewing machine for heavy materials with 360 degrees rotation of machine's head as well as hook unit - both adjusting to direction of sewing. Thanks to this solution the machine makes the stitch precisely and eliminates the risk of stitch skipping, regardless of sewing direction.

The construction of the machine allows to lift the sewing head, which enables to lift the presser foot up to 59 mm.
Used in the production of quilted jackets, auto-motive elements and many more. Template can be adjusted to any element, depends on sewing pattern.

Technical specification:
- 360 degrees rotation of machine's head as well as hook unit - both adjusting to direction of sewing
- built-in fast and precise stepping motors, responsible for sewing head, the hook unit and the work of the rail in the x and y axes
- DELTA 750W servo motor mounted in the machine head, responsible for the drive of the needle bar
- lifting the foot in the rest phase up to 59 mm
- 7-inch LCD touch control panel with USB port for data transfer and storing patterns in internal memory - up to 999 patterns.
- max. stitches amount in pattern is 20.000 stitches.
- editing of already existing as well as programmed patterns
- automatic start-stop switch, pause/continue function
- rotating angle programmable in 0,05° steps
- automatic thread trimmer
- air blowing - cooling the needle,
- thread catcher
- safety switch and thread breaking detection
- max sewing speed 3.000 s.p.m.
- stitch length 0,5 - 12,7 mm
- working table dimensions - 2000 x 2365 mm
- standard equipped with rail for effective sewing area 1200 x 800 mm.
- open frame 70 x 70 cm is added on the set of new machine. Suitable templates we will prepare according to customer's order.
- external bobbin winder
- RFID card scanner - the machine can store patterns on RDID card, so it's easy to choose the pattern you want to use.

Compressed air necessary 5 bar.
Needle system: 135x17. For automatic multidirection sewing machines use SCHMETZ needles in MR or SERV 7 version, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Особенности продукта

Состав машины: комплект
Поле шитья: 1200x800 мм
Макс. область шитья: 1200x800 мм
Автоматическая обрезка нитки: есть
Датчик обрыва нити: Да
Сенсорная панель: Да
Макс. длина стежка: 12.7 мм
Максимальная скорость шитья: 3000 стежков/мин
Серводвигатель, встроенный в головку: есть
Система игл: 135X17
Состав: комплект