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Disinfection lamp, removes 99,9% bacteria, viruses and fungi

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Описание товара

Luminaire UV-C STERILON FLOW 72W is an effective device for cleaning the air indoors. The lamp removes bacteria, viruses and fungi .

Flow disinfection

Modern flow disinfection is a process involving the irradiation of the air inside the UV-C lamp with UV-C rays. Thanks to forced circulation, polluted air flows through the disinfection chamber, where it is irradiated and cleaned, and then pushed outside.
Ultraviolet (UV-C) light removes viruses, bacteria, fungi from the environment and destroys the DNA of any microorganisms that are exposed to irradiation.

Safe decontamination

As in the flow disinfection process , UV-C radiation does not leak outside the device, the STERILON FLOW lamp can be safely used indoors in which there are people.

Main parameters decontamination lamp UV-C STERILON FLOW 72 W :

flow air disinfection
light: ultraviolet UV-C
lamp power: 72 W
air flow: 110 m3 / h
dust filter - as standard
place for a HEPA filter
lifetime of fluorescent lamps: 9,000 h
maximum recommended volume of the sanitized room - flow disinfection - approx. 50 m3
UV-C Wavelength: 253.7 nm
voltage: 220-240 V
degree of tightness: IP20
power cord length: 3 m
On-off switch
device dimensions - 160/220/724 mm
device weight - 6.6 kg

Особенности продукта

Disinfecting agent : ultraviolet light UV-C
Disinfection method : air flow
Maks. room volume : 50 m3
Max. disinfection area: 7 m2
Air flow: 110 m3/h
Work in the presence of people : Да
ECO mode : Нет
Exposure directions: one
Working time counter : Нет
Device power : 72 Вт
Питающее напряжение: 220 - 240 В В