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Zoje electronic buttonhole machine with clamp for buttonholes up to 120 mm length - machine head

Марка: Zoje

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Описание товара

Multifunctional, electronic controlled and programmed buttonhole machine. Equipped with built-in fast and precise stepping motors working in x and y axis and Direct Drive system with servo motor mounted in machine head.

Automatic functions: foot lifter, thread trimming, fabric feeding, sewing speed regulation, cloth cutting mechanism (multi-cut system - buttonhole of any length, without changing the knife).

Machine equipped with the safety device which prevents fabric from cutting in case of thread breaking. Thanks to applying a modern technology, lubrication is limited to the minimum (what prevents the formation of spots on the sewing products). LED lamp for lighting of working field in standard. For sewing light and medium materials.

Machine equipped with touch control panel. 30 buttonhole patterns in standard (including 4 bar tacking programs). Possibility of self designing of buttonholes and storing them in panel (up to 99 programs).

Standard equipped with special clamp L (long) 120 x 6 mm for very long buttonholes and with clamps size 29 x 5 mm and 40 x 6 mm. Buttonhole cut-out length 6.4 - 31.8 mm, max. foot presser lift 17 mm, max. sewing speed 3.600 s.p.m.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 135x5 or 135x5 SERV7 with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Особенности продукта

Вид петель: бельевая
Состав машины: голова
Тип петельной машины: электронная
Ширина обшивания петли: 2.5 - 5.0 мм
Длина петли: 9.4 - 120.0 мм
Длина прорези: 6,4 - 117 мм
Максимальная скорость шитья: 3600 стежков/мин
Система игл: 135X5
Состав: головка со встроенным серводвигателем и программатором

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